Itty-bitty Living Space

I am certain many people interested in minimalism and simple living have already seen these videos. However, for those who have not, they are worth viewing. Both were filmed by faircompanies and if you have never been to their site, I highly recommend it.




The second video is especially striking and I like what the subject has done with what little space he has. While $800 a month seems extremely expensive for a 78-square-foot apartment, I cannot help but admire the lifestyle.

It is unlikely I could be happy in such small quarters. That being said, I think the important thing to take away from these videos is not the desire to live in “cozy” spaces, it is the process of eliminating unneeded items from our lives.

Pretend you had to move from where you are living now into a space a quarter the size. Look around your home and figure out what would come with you. Would you keep the TV in the kitchen? What about the boxes in the garage? Or the books that have never been opened? Do you really need all those shoes?

Now think: Why wait for the excuse of a smaller living space? Minimalism doesn’t have an area requirement.

Itty-bitty Living Space