Move it or lose it.

junk_drawersTell me if this sounds familiar: You moved a month or two ago. You packed all your belongings, rented a truck, asked friends for help and spent a day or more transplanting your belongings from one place to another. Now, months later, you still have more than a few packed boxes lying around your new abode. How many of them have labels like “Random” or “Misc.” or even “Junk Drawer?” If you haven’t needed anything in them for this long, why not save yourself the trouble of unpacking and take the boxes straight to a thrift store? I know it sounds drastic, maybe even a little crazy.

Do you know what else is crazy? Boxing up a junk drawer, letting it sit for months, then in a new drawer for years, only to repeat the process when the next move occurs. Why not break the cycle? Lose the junk.

Move it or lose it.

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