The “Poorest” President

Photo Credit: Agência Brasil

Jose Mujica of Uruguay is considered by many to be the “world’s poorest president.” He lives on a farm, gives away ninety percent of his $12,000 a month salary to those in need, and thinks other world leaders should follow his example. President Mujica was recently interviewed by the BBC and had this to say about what people think of him:

“They say I am the poor president. No, I am not a poor president. Poor people are those who always want more and more, those who never have enough of anything. Those are the poor, because they are in a never-ending cycle and they won’t ever have enough time in their lives. I choose this austere lifestyle. I choose not to have too many belongings so that I have time to live the way I want to live. […] When world leaders talk about sustainable development, what is that growth based on? It’s based on pushing people into mass consumption, but then you face an economic crisis like the one we see today.”

I could not have said it better myself.

The “Poorest” President

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