What am I? What do I want to be?

These are the two questions I asked myself before beginning the lifestyle change this blog is meant to chronicle. I suppose I might also have asked: Who am I? Who do I want to be? However, this seems less accurate. I know who I am. I am happy with who I am. What I am is a completely other matter.

I am a collector. I am an overweight mid-late 20s college graduate. I am a gadget geek who always needs the next new piece of tech, whether or not it improves my life in any tangible way. “I am a weapon of massive consumption.” I am a stuff person. I own movies I will never watch again and movies I have never watched at all. I own games that sit unplayed and unopened books line my shelves. I have spent money with abandon and put myself in debt despite having a well paying job for someone my age.

What I want to be is someone with less stuff but more time, fewer possessions but more freedom, no debt and fewer worries. So, I turn to minimalism.

I have read that minimalism looks different for everyone because every person has a unique definition of what makes them happy. I am certain that it will look different for me. The “100 Thing Challenge” movement holds no interest for me, though I do respect the idea. Many minimalists have gone to extremes I cannot imagine reaching myself. However, as I progress along this path to less, perhaps I will find myself more capable than I currently imagine.

What am I? What do I want to be?

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